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Category: Directorate

8 March 2024
Why investing in women is so key to accelerating progress on climate and reversing biodiversity loss across the Hindu Kush Himalaya, and what ICIMOD is doing about it 

It is increasingly clear that failing to overcome gender injustice, as well as being morally wrong, is bad for your bottom line, no matter what your line of work.

11 February 2024
Why bridging the gender divide in science is now mission-critical 

At this all-hands-on-deck moment on the clock of the world, we urgently need more women in positions of power in science to drive change in our societies and industries.

8 February 2024
ICIMOD Senior Biodiversity Specialist Nakul Chettri selected as Scoping Expert for IPBES Second Global Assessment

Dr. Nakul Chettri, Senior Biodiversity Specialist at ICIMOD, is chosen as a scoping expert for IPBES's Second Global Assessment. IPBES focuses on biodiversity conservation and sustainability.

8 February 2024
Strengthening ICIMOD-China cooperation for a shared future for mountains and people

A high-level delegation led by the Vice-Governor of Yunnan province of China met with ICIMOD officials to explore opportunities for collaboration with ICIMOD on 5 January.

5 February 2024
Personal visit by Director-General of FAO signals new era in cooperation

The MOU commits both bodies to pool expertise, knowledge, innovation, technology and networks to strengthen food production and community resilience, food and nutrition security, and bring economic benefits to mountain communities. 

2 February 2024
World Wetlands Day 2024: protect our wetlands for better human wellbeing 

The fragile ecosystems of high-altitude wetlands are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including rising temperatures, glacial retreat, and altered precipitation patterns. These changes pose a direct threat to the biodiversity and functioning of these ecosystems.

11 December 2023
International Mountain Day 2023: Restoring Mountain Ecosystems

Transboundary biosphere reserves might be one solution which would allow for conservation at landscape scale.

9 October 2023
Strengthening our collaboration with China

Between 12 and 20th September, I had the honour of leading a high-level delegation to China. While China has been a founding member of ICIMOD, with the Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences represented on our Board of Governors, this trip marked a significant step forward in our relations, including ICIMOD’s first in-person meeting with officials in Beijing.

28 August 2023
Highlights from the 2nd meeting of the National Coordination Committee of India

On Thursday in New Delhi, India’s Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and […]

21 August 2023
Message from the directors - Moving Mountains

Our Strategy 2030: transformative action for a better Hindu Kush Himalaya

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